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Managed Desktop Features


All customer applications and data are hosted on centralized servers, and customers access them from any location via the internet.

We can host any application whether Windows, Unix, Linux, Macintosh based, or Microsoft.Net.

All computing is carried out on our servers, none of it on the customer's computers. The customer is therefore able to use a thin client or low functionality PC and still maintain high processing speeds.

The system separates an application's logic from its user interface, so only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates travel over the internet. This offers great benefits in speed and reduces dramatically the bandwidth required. It also offers high security.

Our "shadowing" facility allows an authorized user to view the activity of another user and, if necessary, take over control of the remote computer, interacting as if they were sitting locally. This is a great advantage for trouble shooting or training purposes.

For Current Business Intelligence Users - (MAS 90® and MAS 200® Software) - Our team of highly specialized technicians work together with employees, and management, to ascertain the current functionality of your system
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Desktop Management

We host the entire desktop. Only with total desktop hosting is the customer removed from the complex problems of supporting his own network.

The customer no longer faces the cost and technical complexity of establishing and maintaining the infrastructure of a LAN or WAN including servers, routers, back-ups, data redundancy, firewalls, virus protection, and server software.

This can either allow him to avoid the need for an IT department, or if he has one, to focus their efforts on mission critical issues rather than on development and support of an infrastructure.

We offer high levels of security through the deployment of top of the line firewalls and virus detection software and through high end encryption of internet traffic generated by the system.

As we maintain customer data over a number of computers, with redundancy as a design feature, data is not at risk from the failure of any one server or disk.

All customer data is backed up on a regular schedule to avoid loss in the event of power failure or some other interruption to multiple server functions. We currently have 2 methods of backing up, we backup to disk for immediate access to the data and we also backup to tape which is then take to an off-site facility.

Our data centers have emergency generators to preserve operations in the event of a prolonged power outage.

We offer 24 X 7 technical support for our customers on any issues directly related to our hosting solution.

We offer full management of the customer's applications including implementation of upgrades, patches and version changes.

Because all the applications are housed on our servers and not on customer computers, our system offers centralized upgrades to application software, the management process is quick, cheap, easily controlled and has minimum impact on users.

Individual users are always using the same version of software with the same upgrades.

The solution is entirely scaleable, without a heavy initial capital cost or subsequent step functions necessary to support the growth of the company.

Contact a specialist at PIC with your questions or specifics by calling (203) 912-2200 or by filling out our Inquiry Form.

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