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Who Benefits From Managed Desktop?
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Positive Impact Corporation takes a customer-centric approach to providing accounting software solutions
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We take the network headaches from our clients. Founded in 1996, our Managed Desktop serves the networking, integration, and application infrastructure needs of clients, nationwide. Through the use of server-based processing technology, We provide a cost-effective, outsourced alternative to traditional LAN/WAN technologies. This alternative is delivered over the internet to wherever you and your employees may be. Most importantly, Managed Desktop users can concentrate on their core competency and leave the headaches to us.

Pains and Solutions

Cost Issues
Setting up a network is costly, compounded by the cost of upgrading PC’s and hardware.

We give you all the functionality of LAN/WAN technologies and then some. You only need internet access for your PC’s. We do the rest.

Security Issues
In-house servers can leave a business vulnerable to a slew of security issues. With Managed Desktop, your applications and data are managed in a physically secure center with state-of-the-art encryption and firewalls. The data is protected by high-level security virus protection and backups are made regularly on disc and tape.

Mobility/Flexibility Issues
Employees often find themselves away from the office needing access to applications and data.

With Managed Desktop, employees can access their applications and data anytime, anywhere with network access via the internet.

Technical Problems
Without access to an IT Department, technical problems may be too cumbersome.

Managed Desktop deals with network technology headaches. We handle all application management issues centrally, provide a 24/7 help desk, and have redundant servers and data duplication for maximum protection.

Personnel Issues
Adding new employees to your computing resources and training them on the software is always an issue, especially from remote locations.

With Managed Desktop, you simply sign up for another user-seat and your new employee has immediate access to the network functions and applications you desire. Training is a snap thanks to remote sharing capabilities which permit you to collaborate with other users in real time.

Resizing your company to meet market changes has costly equipment and software implications.

With Managed Desktop, user-seats can be added or reduced without capital implication.

Contact a specialist at PIC with your questions or specifics by calling (203) 912-2200 or by filling out our Inquiry Form.

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