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Managed Desktop Solution
Accessing your entire corporate network
(data and programs) from Anywhere!

Cloud Computing at it's best

If you are looking for a way to access you programs and data remotely, Managed Desktop is an
      ideal solution for you.  It also provides you with the ability to selectively share your programs
      and data with multiple users!
you are looking to replace your server, or to invest in other hardware, this is a great time to
      look at Managed Desktop.
If you are looking to reduce your ongoing IT expenses, take a good look at Managed Desktop.
If you want to make your life easier, speak to us about Managed Desktop for your business”


Total Company InfraStructure (Hosting) - Total Computing - anytime, anywhere, anyplace
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Less Equipment, Software, of Your Time, and Personnel
Anytime/Anywhere, Centralized Data, Real Time Remote Support, ...more
Firewall, Secure Data; Intruder Detection, Backups are done for you
Rapidly Deployed:  
No Workstation Updates, Server Builds or Infrastructure Delays
Focus Personnel:  
Reduce Down Time, Allow Telecommuting, ...more
Details on our Managed Full Desktop Hosting Services page.

Positive Impact Corporation can host your entire desktop

Managed Desktop allows Main Frame efficiency with the benefits of PC based applications.

No More Technology Headaches

We are your infrastructure company. We host your entire desktop...all your applications and your data goes on our servers. We free you from the need to manage your own network. We also free you from the need to manage your applications. You can use your applications as the tools they were designed to be!

  • All your applications and data are on our servers.
  • You access your applications and data via the internet.
  • Access from any location, at any time using any type of computer internet access device.
  • You are freed from geographical, time and equipment constraints.

What is Managed Desktop?
Because all server functions are centralized, we can effectively manage company wide computing on your behalf.

Thirty years ago nearly every organization which used computers in the workplace used a Main Frame. This system consisted of a central computer, which performed all the processing and calculation, and terminals, which were connected to the central computer to provide access for the users. As computing evolved, better tools, such as the PC, replaced Main Frame terminals on the desktop. In recent years the desktop PC has become adopted as an essential tool for many of the members of any organization. The problem is that because of their relative power and flexibility the desktop PC has become increasingly difficult and expensive to manage. As it turns out the benefit of the old Main Frame systems was the ability to manage all the users and programming from one central location. This central management is much more cost effective than individual workstation management. 

We offer a cost-effective, outsourced alternative to traditional LAN/WAN technologies. Through the use of server based processing technology, we can host one or all of your applications, reducing cost, maintenance and upkeep of your current LAN/WAN infrastructure. This technology is offered for a low monthly fee and delivered over the internet to wherever you and your employees may be. Traditional hosting of our Clients’ WEB sites, Microsoft Exchange, and POP Email are available at low monthly rates. As a Microsoft ASP partner, the developer of our hosting solution can rent many Microsoft software products for low monthly rates.

  • Full Desktop
  • Traditional Hosted Applications
  • Specific Applications
  • Collocation
  • Developer is a Microsoft ASP Partner

Using the Managed Desktop Services from Positive Impact Corporation gets you the benefits of centralized management, while you still get to enjoy the benefits of PC based applications.

Contact a specialist at PIC with your questions or specifics by calling (203) 912-2200 or by filling out our Inquiry Form.

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