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The following are comments from Executives that have worked with Frank LaFauci:

Ken Kirsch, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, Brean Murray Carret
"Frank LaFauci has assisted me as an outside consultant to Brean Murray Carret for over 10 years. He has performed financial analyses and implemented various time saving programs that have improved my operation. Frank has also worked will with my staff who have learned a number of techniques and methods from him. I am fortunate to have had access to Frank's creativity and general business acumen."

Ashok Vasudevan, CEO, Preferred Brands International, LLC (also known as Tasty Bite)
"Frank LaFauci addressed our operations and financial concerns and helped us streamline our operation in 2003. His staff worked closely with our staff on various projects, and Frank managed the work. I recommend Frank to anyone seeking to work with an experienced financial person with strong operations and team building skills."

Dan Calandro, CFO, Smokey Mountain Chew
"I enjoyed working with Frank LaFauci, who assisted me when we were improving our processes and procedures at Smokey Mountain Chew. Together we developed new ways of capturing our manufacturing and accounting data, and I now receive better, more expedient management information. Our profit margins improved, and I have total control over our manufacturing processes as a result."

Mary DeVito, Controller, Prospero Equipment Corp.
"I'm happy I chose Frank LaFauci to help me improve the operations of PEC. Frank always came up with great ideas and help me set up our new system and streamline our work flows. In addition to getting better information, I was able to leave work earlier as a result of Frank's efforts."

Michael Heredia, VP/Payroll Manager, Alliance Bernstein (previously Payroll Manager, NY Post)
"I was working as staff accountant at the NY Post when there was a sudden need to replace the Payroll Manager. Frank, who was Treasurer at the time, recommended me for the position. It was a big step for me to take, which I decided to do. My decision was aided by the encouragement and confidence Frank provided me. Subsequent to the change, I realized that this was an excellent career move for me and as a result I have become very proficient at managing payrolls for major global organizations. As Comptroller at The Post, Frank managed his staff with a high level of enthusiasm and he was a pleasure to work for. Frank quickly became a trusted supervisor and friend. Years later, he remains a trusted friend. Since Frank and I began working together almost fourteen years ago, I have always known him to be a dedicated, insightful and highly ethical individual with an ability to handle difficult situations. He is a confident leader and great motivator. He approaches technical challenges with keen intuitiveness and perceptiveness. With his vast educational and professional credentials, I expect that Frank would continue to perform as he has in the past and benefit any organization that he commits to. He has proven time and again that whenever he commits himself to a specified goal, he has met or exceeded expectations."

Joseph Allen, Controller, Siegfried, USA, (formerly Ganes Chemicals)
"I worked with Frank LaFauci at the NY Post when he was the Controller/Treasurer, and also when he became the Director of Finance. Frank did a great job managing the finance and accounting staff, along with a number of other employees at various departments within the newspaper. Later, Frank assisted me at Ganes Chemicals when as a consultant, he helped improve our operations and our financial reporting. I look forward to the next time I can work with Frank, as he has become a good friend as well."

Joe Davies, Managing Partner, Liberty Cedar, SC and RI
"I worked with Frank LaFauci in 2004 and 2005 during a critical ERP system replacement we were undergoing. At a very critical time in our process, just before we were going live with the new system, my staff urged me to abort the process and defer it to a later date. I discussed this in depth with Frank, and he convinced me to stay the course and proceed with the scheduled update, citing that the staffs' confidence would be no better the following month, and that it would be more cost effective to proceed now. This was the right decision as I agreed to stay the course and the upgrade was successful, saving us substantial time and money, not to mention the uncertainties we avoided."

* Please do not contact any of the individuals on this page until you have met with Frank LaFauci. These individuals were kind enough to allow us to post these comments, but are exceptionally busy. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


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